Backbone of interior decor

The backbone of any interior decor, a piece of furniture can make a fine statement when it is wrapped in comfort and class.

Furniture is the backbone of an interior decor. The beauty and appeal of any luxury home depend a lot on the kind of furniture it is decorated with. Cool furniture adds some sparks to the luxury quotient of the abode. At the same time, odd furniture may spoil the beauty of your luxury home.

Furniture, in this way, can also be called the main course in a meal. Get it wrong and no amount of presentation can save the meal. Get it right, and voila – your room will ooze appeal and style.

Furniture evolved a great deal through the early and later middle ages right up until the modern day. The one thing however that has remained constant, is that furniture has and still is, a sign of prosperity and sometimes superiority.

Lakshmi Chand Singh, founding partner, Homes by Design, says, “Furniture plays a very important role in fleshing out an interior space.” When done right, it can produce a finished room that feels larger and performs more efficiently. Successfully planning out the rooms in a house requires considering a variety of tangibles: function, physical limitations, size, furniture and flow, to name a few.

How should we arrange furniture in a room?

Determine function. It’s important to think carefully about what activities will take place in a particular room and who will be using it. How many people should it hold? What are the client’s family’s limitations due to height, age and physical ability?

Consider ergonomics: If we don’t allocate the right amount for walking, working or storage, one left with a beautiful space that functions horribly. The same is true for the other way round as well – if one leaves too much space around furniture the room will lose its cohesiveness.

Don’t let paths of travel be an afterthought. It important to think about how people will move from one zone to the next. One should never forget to think about doorways and stairs and allocate enough space for circulation and paths of travel.

If one has to walk around furniture or accessories when travelling through the layout, it’s best to take another look at the floor plan and move stuff out of the way.

Furniture is the most vital part of the room decor. It defines each room, the personality of the owners, the habits and manners of the people who live in the house. It also shows balance and creativity. The way you arrange your furniture goes a long way. Furniture’s are like potatoes of each meal. They complete your home. They fill your space as per your needs and makes your house more comfortable and welcoming. When you think of a home to get to after a long day at work, we don’t visualise walls and ceilings, we think of a bed or a couch in front of a fireplace. It’s the furniture that matters to making the house your home.

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